Hand therapy for children with cerebral palsy

  • Smart glove to help children develop hand function
  • Improves fine motor skills, cognitive function and emotional state
  • Fits patients with Cerebral Palsy (CP), patients after Stroke, TBI and other neurological conditions
How it works?
  • Neuroplasticity
    The rehabilitation is based on the principles of neuroplasticity of the brain, gamification, biofeedback, and patented methodology.
  • Engagement
    The patient plays exercising games where controls are based on wrist and palm movements. Movements are detected by special haptic glove, which automatically adjusts game difficulty to each patient abilities and precisely monitors patients rehabilitation process.
  • Easy & remote
    The process is very easy and relies and can be used completely remotely at home without the supervision of therapist.
Feel improvement in 4 weeks
Safe and easy to use

FDA listed device, already being used by thousands of patients in 100+ clinics and remotely at home

In first 4 weeks Cognimate users get 67% better fingers dexterity and 64% better quality of live. See our clinical evidence.

Flexible purchase options

Rent it or own it: both options provide full access to Cognimate’s technology, tailored to fit your rehabilitation schedule and budget

Frequently Asked Questions
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