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Cognimate supports researches, trials and clinical studies in neurorehabilitation area with a range of biofeedback devices. We are interested in post-stroke rehabilitation, fine-motor skills rehabilitation, VR/AR in rehabilitation, biofeedback devices, gross-motor skills rehabilitation, treatment of any neural disorders and everything connected. We work closely with researches team worldwide to develop new solutions, equipment and methodology
Cognimate is the result of many years of work by team of researchers, neurologists, therapists, hardware and software engineers. We already have products helping thousands of patients worldwide and aim to deliver much more. Let's join our efforts to make rehabilitation more effective and accessible!
How it works?
  • Neuroplasticity
    The rehabilitation is based on the principles of neuroplasticity of the brain, gamification, biofeedback, and patented methodology.
  • Engagement
    The patient plays exercising games where controls are based on wrist and palm movements. Movements are detected by special haptic glove, which automatically adjusts game difficulty to each patient abilities and precisely monitors patients rehabilitation process.
  • Easy & remote
    The process is very easy and relies and can be used completely remotely at home without the supervision of therapist.
Cognimate helps.
Clinically proven.
Several clinical trials prove that usage of Cognimate significantly improves patients fine motor skills,
emotional state and cognitive functions, pain-relief. Patients rate their experience as highly positive.
In first 4 weeks patients get
significant improvements in outcomes, compared to conventional physiotherapy:
  • +67%
    better finger dexterity (NHPT)
  • +64%
    Improve in Quality of Life (EQ-5D-5L)
  • +25%
    Barthel ADL Index (Independence)
Improves emotional state
Fights depression and anxiety
  • 25%
    Improvement HADS (Anxiety)
  • 19%
    Improvement in HADS (Depression)
  • 100%
    Better on WAM scale, compared to conventional therapy

Cognimate Research

  • Researching cutting-edge solutions in neurorehabilitation
  • Range of technical devices - biofeedback gloves, cuffs, full-body suits
  • 20+ cognitive games and VR software
  • 10+ existing clinical trials, research papers & case studies
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