Cognimate is a special glove and a set of cognitive games which help you to recover your fine motor skills and mental activity much faster and efficiently.

It is super easy and fun to use, so that you can train with the comfort of your home without need to be supervised by physiotherapist

Cognimate is the result of many years of work by team of researchers, neurologists, therapists, hardware and software engineers. The solution shows incredibly high efficiency in restoring patient fine motor skills, cognitive functions, emotional state which is proved by several independent researches.

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Cognimate would help you
Improve your fine motor skills
Cognimate adjust to your abilities and quickly helps to return your motor skills to normal level. In just 1 months of training patients get 25% improvement on average, their quality of live (HRQoL) increases by 35%, their abilities for daily activities (Barthel index) increase up to 60%.
Improve your emotional state and cognitive function
Cognimate is significantly more efficient in cognitive function recovery compared to conventional post-stroke therapy: Researches show that 54% patients return to normal cognitive function in just a month, compared to 22% of conventional therapy results. It also makes you happier - emotional state increases 2 times in just 2 weeks of training. 100% of patients rated the product and treatment process positively during the trials.

Train with the comfort of your home
The system is super easy to use - you can train without the help of physiotherapist and do not need to travel to clinic or rehabilitation center.
How it works

The rehabilitation is based on the principles of neuroplasticity of the brain, gamification, biofeedback, and patented methodology.

The patient plays exercising games where controls are based on wrist and palm movements. Movements are detected by special haptic glove, which automatically adjusts game difficulty to each patient abilities and precisely monitors patients rehabilitation process.

The process is very easy and relies and can be used completely remotely at home without the supervision of physiotherapist.

Clinical evidence

Several clinical researches prove that usage of Cognimate significantly improves patients fine motor skills, emotional state and cognitive functions, pain-relief. Patients rate their experience as highly positive.

Why choose Cognimate
Return to normal life with ease and comfort
Significant fine motor skills improvement
25% better motor functions in 1st month of training
Improved cognitive function
54% patients return to normal cognitive functions in just 20 days
Emotional state improvement
2x better emotional state on
WAM scale
FDA certified
FDA 1A category device
Speech recovery
2.5x faster cognitive function and speech recovery
Train independently
Super easy to use and doesn't require physiotherapist supervision
Motivates you to go on
Cognitive games are designed to adjust to your abilities and motivate you to train more daily
Train with comfort at home
No need to travel to clinic or rehab center daily
Cognimate Glove
Recover to normal life faster
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